Saturday, March 14, 2009

Interview with Jordan Craig about the Nike Zoom Mutumbo and Nike Zoom Victory track spikes

Interview conducted at Kent State Track Meet
Q:How much do the Nike Zoom Mutumbo weigh?
A:These spikes weigh 92 grams.

Q: What are the spikes made out of?
A: The spikes are made out of a new flywire material that allows them to be both light and durable.

Q: What type of race are these spikes meant to be worn in?
A: These spikes are meant to be worn in any event 5,000 meters or over but even 400 meter runners have bought them because the spikes are so light they feel they will gain an advantage over their competition.

Q: What is the difference between the Zoom Victory and the Zoom Mutumbo track spikes?
A: The Zoom Victory weigh slightly more and are designed for events 800m and up.

Q: How much do the Nike Zoom Victory weigh?
A: The Zoom Victory weigh 100 grams.

Q: Are the Zoom Victory also made out of flywire?
A: No the Zoom Victory uses lightweight Vectran Thread.

Q: Do any other companies make spikes that are as light as either the Zoom Victory or Zoom Mutumbo.
A: No Nike usually makes the best spikes and most runners wear and prefer Nike spikes although they may not wear Nike running shoes.

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